Monday, July 10, 2017

Learning to ride a freewheel Unicycle: Session #4, Getting more comfortable!

After my revelation during the last practice session about trying to focus on pedal-coast-pedal transitions I focused today's effort solely on working on these transitions.  I had several pretty good transitions in a row during a single trial.  In control and coasting for several feet before pedaling again.  It seems to be a mental hang up that I'm having to fight to pedal again after coasting; that and possibly not having quite the correct body position (leaning back just a bit too much).  It seems like the trials where I leaned a bit more forward as I went into a coast it was easier to pedal out of it.  If I'm too far back it's easier for the wheel to get ahead of me and I have to dismount.

I'm also much more comfortable "prop mounting" now.  I no longer have to wedge the wheel into my Jeep's running board in order to mount.  It's convenient now so I'll still do it, but I now have learned how to mount safely by applying the break and quickly moving into a static, pedals-level, position using a pole, wall, etc... to prop myself against.  This will become much more useful later once I'm able to ride for any substantial distance.

So, incremental improvement today... but was improvement never the less!

Total practice time was around 40 minutes.