Monday, January 26, 2009

Another Night Spent In The Woods…

I heard the bushes rustle just off the trail to my left. I turned to see what it was; expecting to see yet another spooked deer. All of sudden there was this black and white blur coming right at me! I had just enough time to crouch and cover my face when WHAM I was struck in my left calf and nearly knocked down! I uncovered my face and turned to my right to see a coyote go somersaulting off the side of the trail, flipping and flipping. It finally came to rest, got up and glanced briefly at me and then he was gone in flash; crashing through the woods…

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Monarch Crest Muni Adventure (August 2007)

Yeah it's been a while since I completed this adventure, but I was recently re-inspired by a journey these guys just completed. So I figured I should post a few pictures from my much smaller scaled mountain-unicycle epic I completed back in August of 2007. I decided that I wanted to ride the famed Monarch Crest Trail starting at Monarch Pass, Colorado at 11,312 feet above sea-level. This is a true Colorado Epic and a must ride (or run) for anybody who ever is lucky enough to be in the area. The route I took was point to point from Monarch Pass to the Shirley Site some 19+ miles away.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Offroad One Wheeled Action!

Here are some photos of me at the "12 Hours of Fort Yargo", a mountain bike race I competed in in May of '07 (almost ancient history!) on ONE WHEEL! I ended up accomplishing my goal of covering 50 miles on rolling single track without a free wheel and no coasting; the ultimate fixed gear! You'll be quick to notice that it looks like I'm grabbing my crotch as I ride, well I'm NOT! Every try to ride a mountain bike off-road w/o a handle bar? Well that's what unicycling off-road would be like save for the fact that the seat on my unicycle has a small handle on the front that I'm grabbing. It's essentially a handle-bar for a unicycle! Without it you'd be bumped right off when you start going over the rocks and roots...

Climbing the dreaded "Pipe Line" Hill.

Passing through the Start/Finish area (Starting yet another Lap)