Thursday, January 8, 2009

Offroad One Wheeled Action!

Here are some photos of me at the "12 Hours of Fort Yargo", a mountain bike race I competed in in May of '07 (almost ancient history!) on ONE WHEEL! I ended up accomplishing my goal of covering 50 miles on rolling single track without a free wheel and no coasting; the ultimate fixed gear! You'll be quick to notice that it looks like I'm grabbing my crotch as I ride, well I'm NOT! Every try to ride a mountain bike off-road w/o a handle bar? Well that's what unicycling off-road would be like save for the fact that the seat on my unicycle has a small handle on the front that I'm grabbing. It's essentially a handle-bar for a unicycle! Without it you'd be bumped right off when you start going over the rocks and roots...

Climbing the dreaded "Pipe Line" Hill.

Passing through the Start/Finish area (Starting yet another Lap)

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