Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Two Sport Athlete...

I'm happy to announce that I just got picked up by SIXSIXONE® for my mountain unicycling ability.

For those not in the know, SIXSIXONE® makes the best body protection gear
in the business; for motorcycling, bicycling and snow sports. I've been wearing their products since I started unicycling (well after the first time I wracked my shins with my pedals!). In particular I love the 4x4 Knee/Shin Guards. I use these all the time when I do off-road and trials riding where the possibility of a sudden unplanned dismount are high! The EVA foam padding with nylon inserts are plenty of protection to stop wizzing pedals and rocks! At the same time they stay cool enough as the internals are constructed of Coolmax® that wick away moisture keeping me cool. I wore them during my 12 hour race in May of 2007 and despite the heat and humidity of that Georgia Spring day I stayed very comfortable. In addition to the 4x4 Knee/Shin Guards, I also use the Dirt Lid which is a very lightweight skate style helmet made by SIXSIXONE®. I mainly use the Dirt Lid when I'm practicing trials i.e. when there is a real possiblity of falling off backwards and thus the need for more side and back of the head protection. The Dirt Lid is indeed very light and I hardly know it's on and that is a good thing. It even stays fairly cool wearing it, even on hot summer afternoons! It comes with several different internal padding inserts that allow the user to custom fit the helmet to their unique cranium. Anyhow I'm really excited about riding for SIXSIXONE® and hope that it is a long lasting relationship as I plan to keep using their products into the future as I embark on bigger and badder mountain unicycle epics! Stay tuned...

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